Providing Ventilators for Patients in Need

A Not-For-Profit Saving Lives by Growing the US Ventilator Supply

It is estimated that there are 100K retired ventilators in the United States.
20% of these ventilators could be quickly returned to service.

Our Mission: Save Lives

Our mission is to save the lives of
COVID-19 patients by growing the supply of ventilators in the United States.


Our Opportunity: Reduce the Ventilator Gap

There are over 100K ventilators that have been removed from service in the United States.  Our opportunity is to find, refurbish to manufacturer specifications and deliver those ventilators to the healthcare systems and patients that need them the most.

Our Passion: Experience That Matters

Co-Vents has assembled a team with deep expertise in the design, manufacturing and servicing of ventilators complimented by leading pulmonary physicians.

Paul Woodring
CEO and Co-Founder

Michael Raymer
President and Co-Founder

William (Chip) Furniss
Chief Operating Officer

Gary McAndrew
Director of Ventilator Sourcing

Richard Ellis
Director of Refurbishment

Acquisition and Service Reach

Our operations cover the entire United States, through a growing network of service locations, and supported by the Co-Vents Sourcing Managers.

Latest News

Our efforts are gaining attention. Check out the latest news around Co-Vents operations and impact on the COVID-19 crisis.

Co-Vents receives 501(c)3 designation from the IRS in 11 days, begins returning “retired” ventilators to service for COVID-19 patients.

  • On April 14, Co-Vents received their 501(c)3 not-for-profit designation from the IRS just 11 days after forming the company.
  • Co-Vents has acquired the first tranche of ventilators that are being refurbished for COVID-19 patients.
CARLSBAD, Calif., April 16, 2020 ...
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Better way to field ventilators fast: Refurbish old machines

By Lee Teschler | April 13, 2020 » Read full article here A shortage of respiratory ventilators in the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to numerous well-meaning ventures that include assembly lines converted from autos to ventilators and a DIY ventilator ...
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Nonprofit Organization ‘Co-Vents’ Working to Help Save Lives by Refurbishing Older Ventilators for Hospitals

The Daily Citizen | Apr 13, 2020 » Read the Full Article Here When it comes to the coronavirus, ventilators are a critical aspect of support for those suffering from some of the most severe complications of the disease. So, a ...
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