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Contributing to Our Mission is Easy


  1. Fill out the form to provide us with your contact information and information about your available ventilator.
  2. The Co-Vents team will contact you and arrange shipping of the ventilator to one of our certified service centers.
  3. Our experts will evaluate the ventilator and will follow FDA guidelines for refurbishing of the device.
  4. Once the vent is repaired at our cost, we will make it available to areas of the country that are struggling with the surge of COVID-19 patients in their ICU.
  5. Know that you have helped save the lives of patients in need all over the country.

Financial Support

For those who would like to support Co-Vents mission in a strictly financial manner, we welcome donations. Your contribution to our effort will ensure that as many ventilators as possible will be refurbished and quickly reintroduced to service. Every dollar is directly connected to saved lives. All donations to Co-Vents are tax deductible.


Note that this link will open a new window. Co-Vents has partnered with Donately to manage financial donations.

Sell or Donate Ventilators

Co-Vents Sourcing Managers

Our operations cover the entire United States, through a growing network of service locations, and supported by the Co-Vents Sourcing Managers.

Meet your Regional Sourcing Managers

Pam Chater | Oregon

Ralph Cascio | New England

Gary McAndrew | New England

Jim Brandt | St. Louis

Sherry Tuszynski | Chicago

Mike Allen | York, PA

John Odenweller | Florida

Donna Repke | Florida