Nonprofit Organization ‘Co-Vents’ Working to Help Save Lives by Refurbishing Older Ventilators for Hospitals

The Daily Citizen | Apr 13, 2020

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When it comes to the coronavirus, ventilators are a critical aspect of support for those suffering from some of the most severe complications of the disease. So, a group of old colleagues got together and decided to do something about it and established Co-Vents, a nonprofit organization dedicated to refurbishing older ventilators and getting them back into active service.

Co-Vents started with a simple idea. What if older ventilators that remain mostly forgotten in hospital storage areas or designated for hospitals overseas could be refurbished to help support efforts against the coronavirus? Co-Founded by Paul Woodring and Michael Raymer (author’s father), who both have decades of experience with ventilators and health care software, got together and recruited a group of old colleagues to see if they could use their expertise and experience to help communities across the country.

“Our team could not stand by and watch patients suffer without ICU ventilators,” Woodring said in a press release. “Over the past three decades, we have designed, built, manufactured and sold the leading ventilators in the world. We have assembled an all-star roster from those businesses to help fill this 90-day ventilator gap for our country while new ventilator production ramps up.”

Ventilators work by “gently pumping air through a breathing tube into the patient’s lungs and allows the patient to exhale. This gives patients oxygen and removes carbon dioxide, which can damage the patient’s organs if not expelled. In some cases, air with higher oxygen content is used. Settings (on the ventilator) are tailored to patient need.”


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